Partner Highlight: 3 ways to Elevate Sustainable Travel Choices with Certify Travel

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Written by Guest author: Curtis Socha on 05 October, 2023

In the wake of this summer’s unprecedented heatwaves, the urgency of addressing climate change has intensified, casting a spotlight on the need to minimize our collective carbon footprint. Despite the surge in virtual meetings, the resurgence of business travel underscores our innate yearning for in-person interactions.

Amidst this dynamic landscape, a pivotal question emerges: How can we mitigate the adverse impact of business travel without stifling our collective desire for face-to-face meetings. The answer starts with understanding individual business travel impact, and using data to make more informed decisions.

While this notion seems straightforward, the practical implementation has proved to be difficult, especially when employees also have to consider other aspects such as flight schedules, preferred pricing with airlines and other travel vendors, and the overall convenience of a travel itinerary. Coupled with the complexity of quantifying the carbon footprint of travel, this amalgamation can be overwhelming.

Fortunately Certify Travel is here to help. Here are three ways you can make more sustainable choices today:

1. Make it easy tosee sustainable travel options at the point of sale

Certify Travel has partnered with Thrust Carbon to make it easy for business travelers to easily and accurately visualize the CO2 emissions of travel during the booking process. This collaboration seamlessly integrates Thrust Carbon's carefully calculated emissions data into the booking process, giving business travelers instantaneous insight into the environmental impact of their travel choices. By getting a comprehensive view of the carbon impact at point of sale, travelers get an effortless comparison between flight options during the booking process.

"Our partnership with Certify Travel represents a critical step for so many business travelers trying to harmonize efficient travel with data-driven sustainability solutions. This collaboration resonates with our core ethos at Thrust Carbon, where we believe that our actions don't have to cost the earth." — Kit Aspen, Founder of Thrust Carbon

2. Take the guesswork out of aligning with your company’s ESG strategy

The movement towards sustainable travel extends far beyond the individual traveler. Companies operating in the EU and other parts of the world are mandated to report their company’s emissions, most of which is coming from their travel program. If not mandated through regulation, there is a lot of pressure to report based on the company's ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) strategy.

With Certify Travel, companies can benefit from their emissions policy being applied at the point of sale during the shopping of air options. This requires detailed reporting, and Travel Certify’s relationship with Thrust Carbon enables organizations to document the booking with offset information that TMCs can generate reports on. These insights can then be used not only for overall ESG reporting processes but also for managing and enforcing carbon caps and calculating carbon credits purchase requirements, if necessary.

Empower travelers to be accountable for their travel emissions

We’re not perfect. Travelers can deviate from carbon conscious recommendations for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, Thrust Carbon’s simple reports allow travel managers to identify which travelers don’t adhere to a company’s sustainable travel policy. Travel Managers can then provide guidance to individuals for further travel plans, and work with their managers to enforce policies if needed.

With Certify Travel and Thrust Carbon, it’s easy, efficient, and convenient to support your employees to do their bit to minimize their carbon footprint, while also enabling your organization to meet its ESG and regulatory reporting goals.

Curious to learn more? Reach out to Certify Travel.

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