Introducing Thrust Events, our new tool for meetings and events sustainability

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Written by Kit Aspen on 09 March, 2023

The event programme: a glaring omission

The event industry has long struggled to accurately measure the carbon footprint of their events. For years, businesses have been able to track the carbon emissions of their travel program, but the same level of visibility has not been available for events. Event management agencies have found it difficult to accurately measure the carbon footprint of their events, which has made it challenging to create sustainable events. 

This challenge is hardly surprising, given that their specialty is managing upwards of 50,000 complex, high-stakes projects in a given year. Asking all those awesome planners to become ESG experts simply isn’t realistic. This is why we created Thrust Events.

Combining Meetings & Events with Transient Travel to create the complete picture

It’s become easy to track one's carbon footprint when it comes to travel through Thrust Calculator and Thrust Engage. But the meetings & events industry is sorely behind, creating a fragmented picture of participants' true impact. 

The market is clear: 89% of companies identify sustainability as a priority, while only 14% believe that the events industry has made good progress. Our customers have been frustrated at the lack of holistically integrated carbon footprint visibility of their events program, compared to their transient travel program. The feedback was clear: there was a need for a unified sustainability intelligence platform that could bring thousands of events and hundreds of thousands of business trips together in one place. 

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Screenshot Thrust Events: data and intelligence on the meetings & events and transient travel programmes, all in one place

The potential is undeniable: imagine tracking upwards of 50,000 annual events, at 500 attendees per event. We’re looking at tracking the carbon impact of 25 million event attendees, that we were not tracking before!

Introducing Thrust Events: ready to support your Meeting & Event needs

At Thrust Carbon, we’ve developed the leading sustainability intelligence platform for the travel ecosystem. Creating a tool to support event management agencies and their customers overcome was a natural progression.

Thrust Events is a powerful tool that makes it easy to measure the carbon footprint of your events. Input data on venue, attendees, and transportation to generate an accurate emissions report using a proprietary methodology that is constantly being enhanced and added to by our research team. No more fragmented reporting across multiple systems; calculate carbon emissions across the entire event lifecycle, from planning and preparation to execution and teardown.

"Thrust Events is a valuable addition to our service offering, as it allows us to deliver seamless event experiences while minimizing the carbon footprint." - Helen van Berkel, ATPI Global Head of Events

Beyond a report

Anyone who knows us knows we’re about far more than just reporting. Thrust Events provides actionable insights and recommendations, such as optimizing transportation vs virtual attendance, reducing food waste, and choosing more sustainable venues. These insights help event managers identify areas where they can make more sustainable choices.

Our vision is a world where our actions don’t cost the earth. Learn more or reach out for a demo of Thrust Events today and take the first step towards a more sustainable future.

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