The Advantage Travel Partnership and Thrust Carbon Forge New Sustainability Alliance

The two companies announced Thrust Carbon as an official sustainability partner for the benefit of Advantage members.

Written by Andrea Bonaiuto on 16 May, 2024

The Advantage Travel Partnership, at its annual conference in Costas Mujeres today, announced that it has enhanced its partnership with Thrust Carbon, the travel industry's leading sustainability intelligence platform.

Since its inception in 2021, the partnership between Thrust Carbon and Advantage has been dedicated to bringing sustainability intelligence to hundreds of members and their customers.

Today, the two companies announced Thrust Carbon as an official sustainability partner to Advantage providing an enhanced commercial agreement along with a portfolio of additional activities and benefits for members that will support their sustainability journeys, including a series of educational webinars and regulation guides as well as providing ongoing support to the Advantage central ESG team and member steering group.

The enhanced collaboration will also see Thrust Carbon supporting the company’s own sustainability journey, starting with its flagship conference in Cancun.

Through the new agreement the two parties have made a mutual commitment to fostering sustainable travel across the globe, through the provision of utilising Thrust Carbon’s cutting-edge tools and resources, to further support the Partnership’s strategy to reduce the carbon footprint of all its events and help support members’ clients with the ability to measure, analyse, and significantly reduce their carbon impact.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO, of The Advantage Travel Partnership, said: “This enhanced partnership, built off the foundation of our initial agreement, enables us to add a further layer to our efforts in supporting our members with their sustainability goals. For members of the Advantage Travel Partnership and partners of the Advantage Global Network, it will mean that they will now have the opportunity to take advantage of sustainable technology for their clients and educational resources for themselves, designed to help them understand and implement practical ways to reduce travel industry carbon emissions. These resources will include webinars and guides that inform and empower members to take confident, effective steps towards achieving their sustainability goals.

“We will also work closely with Thrust Carbon to build on our own 10-point conference events charter – launched at our conference last year Benidorm.

“This partnership not only amplifies both organisations' dedication to purposeful travel but also leverages their collective influence to inspire positive environmental change across the travel sector.”

At the opening of The Advantage Travel Partnership’s conference in Cancun today, Thrust Carbon showcased its collaboration with the event, through:

- Pre-Conference Event Emissions Calculations: presenting the pre-event data that has been collected to understand the environmental benefits achieved through the mindful planning of The Advantage Conference 2024.

- Post-Event Calculations & Sustainability Events Charter: In the wake of the conference, Thrust Carbon and The Advantage Travel Partnership will conduct comprehensive post-event analyses to continue tracking and enhancing sustainability efforts across all of Advantage’s events. This initiative will enhance the Advantage Conference Events Charter, a benchmarked report showcasing 2024 emissions with a plan to reduce them in 2025 and beyond.

- Breakout sessions will include education on leveraging sustainability to generate interest and ultimately revenue for businesses. These workshops, tailored separately for both leisure and business sectors, aim to equip Advantage members and their clients with actionable strategies for embedding sustainability into their operations.

Lo Bue-Said added: "This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to not just facilitating travel but doing so in a purposeful way that ensures we are not playing judge and jury on how people choose to travel but as industry leaders, we are leading the way on purposeful events.”

Mark Corbett, Founder of Thrust Carbon, echoed this sentiment: "This is the perfect moment to enhance our relationship with The Advantage Travel Partnership, one of our very first partners in the industry. Over the last few years, our partnership has benefited thousands in the business travel and leisure space, and we cherish the relationships we’ve built with Advantage members.

“Working together presents a remarkable opportunity to drive the travel and hospitality industry towards a more sustainable future. It’s not just about doing what’s right today, it’s about future-proofing businesses.

“With this partnership, Thrust Carbon and The Advantage Travel Partnership are setting new standards in the travel industry, proving that sustainability and business success are not mutually exclusive but are, in fact, fundamentally interconnected. Together, we are paving the way for a more sustainable future, demonstrating that through collaboration and innovation, we can make purposeful travel a reality for everyone.”

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