Thrust Carbon Teams Up with Travelogix to Transform Sustainability Reporting for the Travel Industry

Written by Andrea Bonaiuto on 14 February, 2024

This collaboration is set to offer unmatched resources to shared travel management agency customers, focusing on two key innovations: 

  • Enhanced Sustainability Reporting: In a significant expansion of its sustainability suite, Travelogix will incorporate the Thrust Carbon Calculator into its platform. This integration offers Travelogix clients a wider selection of sustainability reporting methodologies, including DEFRA, ICAO, ICAO+, IATA, and Thrust Carbon options. This development considerably widens the array of environmental impact assessment tools at clients' disposal, enabling them to choose the most suitable methodology for their sustainability objectives.
  • Streamlined Data Automation: This partnership introduces a seamless automation for transferring clean travel data from Travelogix systems directly to Thrust Carbon. Leveraging Travelogix’s Analytix data management suite, this collaboration ensures the automatic conveyance of comprehensive air, rail, hotel, and car rental data directly from the TMC’s operations to Thrust Carbon. This automation streamlines the data-sharing process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy for enhanced sustainability reporting that will enable yearly targeting, carbon budgeting and reduction recommendations.

With this enhanced integration, customers will gain access to sophisticated sustainability intelligence tools. These include the ability to set and manage yearly carbon budgets and receive tailored reduction recommendations, enabling them to strategically plan and implement effective sustainability measures. This next-level approach to sustainability reporting empowers Travelogix clients with actionable insights, facilitating more informed decision-making and fostering a culture of continuous environmental improvement.

An early adopter to pilot the Calculator will be the well-known corporate travel agency from the Netherlands, Munckhof, with the UK-based TMC, Norad Travel, piloting the automated hand-off functionality. 

Kit Aspen, Founder of Thrust Carbon, highlights the impact of this partnership: "With this partnership, Travelogix TMCs and Customers will have the data to reduce carbon emissions by one million tonnes a year by 2030, while continuing to meet their business goals. Too often a lack of great sustainability data is all that is holding a business back from emissions reduction, so commitments & partners from industry trailblazers such as Travelogix is key to putting the world on a more sustainable path.."

Chris Lewis, Founder and CEO of Travelogix, commented: "For some time, we have been eager to improve our sustainability reporting. We wanted to go beyond the current limitations that Defra reporting serves up to the business travel community. This is why the integration project with Thrust Carbon was an absolute must due to the complexities and accuracies of the data for interested TMCs. Realising early on that Thrust Carbon was the go-to partner, this link-up has been a key ingredient for advancing our capabilities in the world of sustainability reporting. The team at Thrust Carbon, led by Mark Corbett and Kit Aspen, are entrepreneurial and well-informed, and are truly paving the way for companies to better report, reduce and remove their emissions."

Anna McGurk, Operations Director at Norad Travel, shares her perspective: "Through our collaboration with Travelogix and Thrust Carbon, we're revolutionizing the way essential travel data is integrated. This simplifies our workflow immensely, allowing us at Norad Travel, to enrich the value we deliver to our clients. It's a transformative step forward, not just for us but for the entire travel industry, as we move towards more sustainable and environmentally conscious travel management practices."

Bas De Smit, Senior Manager of Commerce at Munckhof Business Travel shared: “Munckhof Business Travel congratulates Travelogix and Thrust Carbon on this partnership. We welcome the comprehensive calculation methodologies. These are of great importance to us for solid and qualitative reporting to our customers.”

The partnership between Thrust Carbon and Travelogix is set to redefine travel data analytics, offering comprehensive solutions that empower businesses to thrive and adapt in today's dynamic market.

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